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Create Short-form Content

Short-form content is easier to create, lets you be more authentic, and gets more engagement from your audience.

Hold Vibrant Conversations

Invite unlimited guests to collaborate on any post you choose, asyncronously– without any scheduling fuss!

Hear from your Listeners

The only platform that gives your listeners a voice, and a chance to participate in the conversation.

Easy to start, Easy to use

1Get an awesome, customizable webpage just like the ones you see here

Every post shows up on a mobile-friendly webpage, looking amazing, with comments and audio replies. Tweak the colors and images to make it your own.

2Upload or Record your podcast episodes straight from the app

There's no special equipment required, no editing process, and we've made everything ridiculously simple to use. You'll finish your first post in under 5 minutes.

3Get shareable media for your social accounts, embedded players, and more

Our embedded player will look great in your blog posts, on Twitter, or as an automatically generated video on social media. Just focus on content!

4Publish to all the popular Podcast Directories (Apple Podcasts, Spotify)

No need to learn about RSS, hosting, transcoding, player optimization, or editing– we take care of everything, automatically.